The Initiator: Dog-eared veneer to farmhouse chic

Every story has a beginning. A kick off. This little dresser debuted as my first official flip. Common to most, its story started off a little sad but came out fab on the other side.

A couple summers ago, hubby and I came across a big estate sale not too far from home. A farmhouse and outbuildings full of old treasures, my favorite. I made not one, not two, but three trips to this sale. The sellers were moving to Florida and so eager to not move all the stuff that the husband actually gave me this dresser for free. Score!

Here she is on day one.


Back in the day, her bird’s eye maple veneer was lovely. Now, not so much. The top was peeling badly, and some of the drawers were, too. But the bones were great; look at those adorable feet (on casters!!) and keyholes. So much potential.



First off, I removed that peeling veneer from the top and drawer fronts. A wet towel left to sit and a scraper were indispensable.


Some large cracks needed filling. She got a good sanding, and a coat of primer. Then two coats of Glidden flat ‘Stratosphere’ chalk paint which I chalked myself (just added plaster of Paris.)


I love the old farmhouse look, so distressing is an absolute must. Plus, if the paint gets a chip or scuff, no biggie. It’s so forgiving. She received a protective seal of Minwax paste finishing wax, which gives a matte, antiquey cast.

I entertained buying new hardware, but decided to refurbish the originals instead. I had a scrap of fabric in my stash that matched perfectly. I followed this tutorial to cover the knobs. They got a coat of primer, then I cut fabric to size, trying to get the pattern to look different on each. On went a layer of Mod Podge and I rubber-banded the fabric in place on each knob. Edges were trimmed and several sprays of clear acrylic added to seal.

Here she be, all done!


Before and after:

In her new home – perfect. She replaces a beast of a dresser that was too big for the space. And that is another flip for another day…

Allow me to give a shout-out to my friend Angie of Beneath Northern Skies for the much-loved feather print adorning my wall!





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