Little Things

Spare Dresser Drawers? Make Under-bed Storage Boxes

Pretty simple flip here, but oh, so functional. Remember that big bulky dresser that became a bookshelf? Here’s what happened to some of the drawers…


Out of the five drawers, three were nearly the same size; the other two had more decorative fronts and I had another fate in mind for those. But that’s another blog post. 🙂 A light sanding and two coats of white paint brightened these right up. I added just a light touch of distressing to the edges.


I needed to attach casters but the drawer bottoms were too thin. I cut small pieces from a lumber scrap and screwed one in each of the four corners. On went the casters. Now the boxes roll real slick.


The final touch on these was spiffing up the old handles. I had a partial can of bright blue spray paint and there was just enough to cover all the pulls. I also put on a coat of sealer spray on these, because spray paint is so thin and scratch-prone. I like the blue and white combo, don’t you? Reminds me of old china.


See, super simple way to turn something that would be tossed on the curb into a handy and comely storage bin. Reduce, reuse, RePurpose!



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