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Porch rockers: from garage sale to eclectic trio

Do you have a piece of decor that you like, but is just missing something to make it special? A single but impactful detail can make or break the wow factor of a project. Case in point is these mismatched porch rockers and three-legged side table. I liked the eclectic mishmash yet I wanted to tie them all together in some way. Paint to the rescue!

mismatched rocking chairs and 3-legged table need something to tie them together.

I wanted this to be a quick, easy fix so I only lightly sanded each piece before applying two coats of Pittsburgh latex paint. Our house is light yellow, the window trims and porch railings are white, and the porch deck is faded to a faint gray, so I really wanted a bright pop of color to make a statement. I picked out one of the loudest shades of red in the store, called “Red Gumball”.

Now, this particular color looked incredibly pink before it dried; my husband took one look at the wet paint and immediately asked me to reconsider. I assured him it would look great when I was done. Let’s say he was a skeptic.

Okay, two coats of paint were on and I added just a few spots of distressing. Since the spindled rocker was already black and I wanted to mute the red a bit anyway, I made a glaze using polycrylic clear gloss and a little black acrylic paint and brushed on a thin layer on all the pieces then wiped most of it off in order to get a little depth and darken the red. Once this dried I put on another layer of sealer, and that’s the end of this little project. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am!

Adirondack chair and spindle rocker get a coat of bright red paint.

Distressing on Adirondack rocking chair.

This trio now feels like it belongs together and is so much more cheerful. Our porch is a little bit happier, I just know it. Even the hubby admits that the red was a good choice. Haha!

Cat lounging on painted porch rocking chair at
Cream Soda the cat approves of this flip!

Mismatched porch rocking chairs and table are painted bright red for a cohesive look.


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