Hey there, so glad you found me! I’m Amy, blogger here at Higher RePurpose. Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa, let’s chat.

I’m a happy wife to my man of 11 years and mama to our clan of five. We’re currently living an episode of Large Family, Small House; it demands a contented attitude and efforts toward minimalism. Thankfully, we’ve been blessed with five acres to stretch our legs on. Country living is the life for me.

I’ve always liked getting my hands dirty doing projects. My parents are ardent DIY’ers and a year of learning building skills while on staff at a local camp helped me be at ease wielding hammers, saws, and power tools. I find a lot of satisfaction in breathing new life into castoffs headed for the trash heap.

My whole life I’ve been addicted to reading and I enjoy writing, so much so that I started a proofreading business (Sparrow’s Eye Proofreading) while Higher RePurpose satisfies the writing. I dabble in photography as well, so in addition to the visual documentation of my projects, you might see my artsier work from time to time. It’s cathartic to tell the tales of redemption of these furniture flips. And if I can help inspire someone else’s creativity for their own undertakings, all the better.